we do a funny

welcome to my carrd !!

hi im kino i do stuff
minor (15)
i draw sometimes ig
EdT timezone
official crinkle fan

#cookierun-storybook regular in maincord <3


• basic dni
• (lgbtphobic, racist, zoophiles,etc)

• proshippers/
"anti-antis"/people who ship "problematic" things or age gap ships

• DSMP stans

• NFT supporters

• I will try to avoid most people 12 or under

• anyone I do not want to interact with
(incl those who I have blocked for whatever reason)

stuff i like

• cookie run: ovenbreak
(ovenbreak fans pls interact)

• project sekai

• omori


• lemons and berries smp

• mallow falls

underrated media!!

• oneshot, wandersong and cats are liquid

favorite characters

• gingerbrave, timekeeper and croissant (CROB)

• main group in omori

• the bard and miriam (wandersong)

i like other characters too i just didnt list all